A German Boy Gives Drugs In Tea to Her Girlfriend To play games… true Gamer.

Did you believe that there is a guy how gives drugs in tea to her girlfriend to play games?

Yes, it’s true today I am going to tell you the story of a true gamer.

There is a German boy how love to play games. He always gives first priority to games and He uses to play games for 18 hours in a day. boy does not allow disturbing element while they play games.

But he has a girlfriend and He loves her so much that’s why he does not stop them from disturbing them while play games.

“But as we all know gamer is a gamer and a true gamer does not allow anyone to stop them from playing games”

Now a true gamer story starts here…

He always has fear of her Girlfriend while playing games. Because she does not like games and she also stop them from playing games.

One day Boy just told their problem to here friend, And her friend told the boy “why don’t you give her drugs”  and start laughing at the boy.

But boy catches the idea and he applies this idea to make her Girlfriend sleep.

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