Current Number of PC Gamer In India

First, we have to know that what is a PC Gamer?
A person who play Video game or any types of mind game on their PC is said to be PC gamer

OR In simple words…
We can say A person who play games on their PC is said to be a PC gamer.

Now We Come to Our real question that what is the real no. of PC gamer in India?
As we are talking about PC gamer it is important to have look on PC sales per year in India

According to my survey, every five persons out of ten have their own Personal Computer

And out of which every four people out of five play games on their PC

As I told you in the definition of PC gamer according to which these four people are said to be a PC gamer

Now let’s make some calculation….
The total population of India = 1,326,801,576
Divide it by 2 to make it half = 1,326,801,576/2= 663,400,788

So in India, we have  663,400,788 PC user

Now we divide it by 100 to see the final result  663,400,788/100= 6,634,007.88

So this is the estimated 6,634,007.88 PC gamer in India

“This is only calculated data which is assumed by many surveys it is not an exact no. of people”

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