Xbox Press Conference Runtime Increase: E3 2017

This is confirmed that this year runtime of Xbox E3 2017 briefing will be longer than 90 min.

And now Microsoft also confirmed this that what appears to be the run time of Xbox for E3 2017 show.
Microsoft Studios GM Shannon Loftis writing on Twitter that the show will be 97 Minute long. 
usually, Microsoft briefing E3 for 90 minutes but this year Microsoft wants to show more games
that’s why this time is increase in E3 2017.
Shannon Loftis also tell in a tweet that how the briefing will be broadcast in 4K through Microsoft’s Mixer service.
This year Microsoft makes many changes in its timing and date of E3 2017.
As the show is now taking place on the Sunday before E3 week instead of Monday.
The timing of the show is expected to from 2 PM to 5 PM.

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