The Surge Free Demo Next Week

The Surge is not a perfect game but absolutely an interesting game,
The surge game is upcoming disaster action RPG.

Surge is getting a free demo on ps4, X-box one, and PC, on next week anytime it has been announced by developer deck 13. Now lets coming to the feature of this game.

  • Tight, Hardcore actions 
  • Special Targeting
  • Explore the Hellish world full of Mystery 
  • Large battle,  Bosses fear
  • Loot, Crafts 
  • Upgrade NewWeapons and Armours

The surge is about the upcoming disaster as earth near the end of its life. and those how are living in the heavily populated cities must work to live as social affairs became full by an expand population and increase environmental diseases.

  The Surge game offer to the world a hopeless version of the future, Where the growth of our machines, our community and our relation with the environment led to a corrupt state of the human development.

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