Nintendo Switch Eshop Added 2 More Games

The biggest game the Nintendo switch, Splatoon 2 will be released on July 21.
And, before its release, there are 2 more games is added in.

The first game which is added to it and i.e Boost Beast, it is an action – puzzle game.
It consists 3 style match gameplay, but with the added element of fighting off waves of zombies and its price is $10 / £9.

And, the second game is obligatory ACA Neo Geo.
It is a 1993 fighting game that kicked off the long – running series.
In this, it is distinguished itself from the competitors at the time with a focus on weapon – based combat and a rage system,
And, if there is any damage so, players attack are more powerful and the price is $8/£8.29.

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