The First Live Event-“POKEMON GO” Is Start From Today

Niantic, the developer of Pokemon go are hosting the first live event today, it is in Chicago,  Grant Park.
This event is just organized for mobile games.

The Pokemon go will be sold out at 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET.
 But, for those people who are not able to attend the event, they can watch a live stream of it below or on twitch.

One news for all of us.
In this game, legendary Pokemon will appear at the weekend.

The developer will be testing the legendary from a long time.
But there is a good chance for the players to battle and potentially catch one.

To make Legendary Pokemon appear, the people around the worldwide have to capture monsters during the event Challenge Windows.
If peoples are a success in defeating the Legendary Pokemon, then it will be start world wide.
Niantic launched recently a video, in which legendary Pokemon fight in the same way as the raid battles.

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