“LOST SPHEAR” Release Date Confirm and More Detail Revealed

Square Enix has shared some more details about Lost Sphear, the publisher revealed two new characters who will join the players on their journey.
And, the publisher also revealed the launching date of the game i.e, January 23, 2018.

Lost Sphear is set in a world “threatened by a mysterious phenomenon known as Lost.” When a portion of the world becomes Lost, it vanishes, leaving behind a mist.

The game’s protagonist Kanata has the high power of Memory, and with the help of that, he restores the Lost portions of the world.
And with their childhood friends Locke and Lumina, Kanata, they all are together trying to
save the world from disappearing.


Sherra and Obaro, Sherra is a priestess who wields a bow and can heal the party.

Obaro is an elderly man who had actually become Lost but was restored by Kanata’s power.

Lost Sphear is releasing for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC.
And those players who pre-order the game digitally from the PlayStation Store will receive a “Memories of Moon” theme immediately
And on that, you will get two additional music tracks when the game launches: “Market Town Marpenning” and “Town of Elgarthe.

” Physical copies of the game for Switch and PS4 are available in limited quantities from Square Enix’s online store and retail for $50.

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