The New Characters of Tekken 7 and DLC Available Now

The new batch of DLC is now released for Tekken 7. Now players can add another fighter to their roster, and the variety of items and outfits is fully based on the company’s Taiko Drum Master series.

Today, the players purchased a new fighter, the name of the new fighter is the vampiric Eliza, who debuted in  Tekken Revolution.
The Eliza is only available for the players who pre-order the Tekken 7, but now Eliza is available for all the players, you can now buy her at $5.
and now players can also download the humorous Taiko no Tatsujin DLC pack at a free cost. in this pack, there are many things like a t-shirt, health gauge skins, and various effects.

Tekken 7 is the first DLC which arrives in August,  and it is also re-introducing the classic game mode Tekken Bowl, it is a10-pin bowling minigame. Bandai Namco also revealed that the DLC character coming to the game at the fighting game tournament Evo earlier this month: Geese Howard from the Fatal Fury series is joining Tekken 7’s roster this winter.

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