This Weekend you get Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare free on Steam

The PC players who have to play Call of Duty: Infinite warfare now gets a free chance to try the game.

On Steam’s, this week you can get free, the popular first-person shooter. Until the Sunday, 30 July, the players are trying their best to try out Infinite Warfare at No cost but only for its multiplayer modes and in the free trial, only multiplayer content is included. The players are not able to try either the game’s Campaign or Zombies modes.

The free trial ended at 1 PM PT/4 PM ET and who like the game and want to purchase the infinite warfare will get the game at discount. Steam is offering the games for $30, while the Digital Legacy Edition and Digital Deluxe Edition retail for $49.59 and $60,
this discount only exists till 31 July.

Discounts only run until July 31.
Players who decide to jump in now still have a few days to take part in the Call of Duty Summer Event, which adds beach- and summer-themed maps, items, and more to Infinite Warfare, Black Ops 3, and Modern Warfare Remastered. The latter on it is also finally available as a standalone release on PC and Xbox One. The Call of Duty Summer Event ends on August 1.
Beta is only open for PS4 and PC and, The full title releases on August 8.

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