New Animation Is Added in the Playerunknown’s Battleground

As the part of the Ongoing development of popular PC game, Playerunknown’s Battleground added some new animation. In this new animation, the character rolling into cover.
Here, we represent a GIF, this GIF is shared by the Playerunknown’s battle himself.

Here’s a WIP preview of some new animations @_psmk_ has been working on for @PUBATTLEGROUNDS pic.twitter.com/VlAT4M3ib5


Just see the GIF, but keep in mind, this animation work is in progress, So it possible that things will be changed at the time when animation rolled out.

And, Playerknown’s did one announcement about the battleground,  the announcement is that the battleground leaderboard will be reset again on Tuesday, 1 August. and the leaderboard will be reset at the beginning of every month, for check out the gaming rank and algorithms and other systems.

Playerunknown said that  “All the data from the previous session is saved, and while we don’t have a history system yet, moving forward we will enable this in the game and you can view your match records from the previous seasons”.
They also added that “We understand that these seasons may seem short, but for us to fully balance the ELO ranking system, we need to update frequently based on data from the previous seasons’ rankings.”

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