Sony Release Destiny 2 for PS4 & 4 Controller launched in Europe and Australia

Sony has announced that Sony launches the Destiny 2 for PS4 and 4 controller focused on Bungie’s shooter sequel in Europe and Australia. The white destiny 2, 4 controller’s touch pad sports the game title and logo, the features of the character class logo is in gold.
The PlayStation will release jet black and glacier white PS4 Pro bundles that come with a disc copy of Destiny 2, and In Europe, there will also be a Destiny 2 bundle that comes with a standard PS4.
But the price is not yet revealed for any console or any controller.

The EU blog post of the PlayStation says that ” this destiny 2, 4 controller will not be available in UK, Poland, or Russia”. The launching date of destiny 2 is 6 September,  and it will be launch for PS4, and Xbox One with a PC edition to come in October.

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