PS4 update 4.73 system now available, PS4 update 5.0 system on the way & Beta sign-ups now available

Now, the PS4 update 4.73 system is available to download, with the help of PS4 update 4.73 now you can improve the quality of the system performance.
And, now talk about the features of this update 4.73 system so, the patch weighs is approx 340 MB, the mandatory is to install, and you have to just once turn on PS4 go to [Settings] and then [System Software Update] and click ‘Next’ and then ‘Update’and the downloading automatically process.

The PS4 update 5.0 system is under processing, the Sony announced that they take some time to launching the 5.0 system. And, the beta sign-ups now open for all of us, as the Sony says that “the beta will be soon start in August”. The final date of the released is not yet decided. And we also don’t know what patch is included in it.

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