Three New Xbox One Controller Designs

Microsoft has announced 3 new Xbox One controller design, which looks very adorable. And the colors which are included in the new Xbox One controller is Green/Grey, Patrol Tech, and Volcano Shadow.
It will be on work on all the Xbox One and on the Xbox One X, and it is also working on the Pc. you will connect it from the USB cable or a wireless adapter.

The adapter is available singly or ties with a black Xbox controller and, there is also a new navy blue Patrol Tech controller that includes a USB cable is coming.

  • Green/Grey- $65 launch on 3 August 
  • Volcano Shadow- $70 launch on 3 August
  • Patrol Tech- $70 launch on 5 September 
  • Patrol Tech with USB cable for Windows 10- $70 launch on17 October
  • New Xbox Adapter for Windows 10- $25 launch in August; 
  • Bundled with a controller for $80

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