Super Mario Odyssey’s Appears To Have Changed In Game Box Art

After the officially revealed the game box art now appears to change and the  Super Mario Odyssey’s box has been tweaked slightly and the Sombrero Mario is replaced with the Snorkeling Mario.

Nintendo slightly changed the Super Mario Odyssey boxart, removing Sombrero Mario for Snorkeling Mario pic.twitter.com/8v9hgNi9JM

— Nibel (@Nibellion) August 2, 2017

There is one thing which is really shocking and that is the official website of Nintendo has not changed the box art and because of that, it hard to guess, when and why the change will take place or it stays same.
The Super Mario Odyssey is released for the switch on 27 October. In this game, the local multiplayer is included where the one player controls Mario’s hat.

We will give you all the info about this game, just keep in touch with us, and regular check all the updates about the game on our site.
I hope you enjoy this game while released.

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