The Smallest Episode of Game Of Thrones Season 7 Is Shown

This Sunday, the episode of the game of thrones – episode 4 is the smallest episode out of all the episodes.
The episode – ” The Spoils Of War,” it just only 50 min longer. This episode is smallest as if we compare this episode with the previous episodes. The 5th episode which will be on 13 August, that episode is again of the normal length, that episode is coming in at 59 min, episode 4 is only the episode which is smallest in all of the episodes of the game of thrones.

And the session 6 finale comes for a 69 minute and, The session 7 finale is the longest ever episode in the game of thrones, that came for an 80 minute. And, the last session 8 is the longest session of the game of thrones, the each episode of the session 8 of the game of thrones is longer as a film. Only this episode 4 of session 7 is smallest.

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