Final Fantasy 15 Beta Is extended

The closed beta for final fantasy 15 is now going on, but far off it been trouble by server problems and there is commonly a bit of mess and because of that Square Enix decided to hold an another test next week. The publisher released that the next “closed online test” for the Comrades DLC is going on from 11 August to 13 August.

Next week we’ll release an update to improve matchmaking in the #FFXVComrades Closed Online Test & do another test between 11-13th August pic.twitter.com/wJbsowKYXp

— Final Fantasy XV (@FFXVEN) August 4, 2017

Square Enix says that it’ll release an update next week to “improve matchmaking,” which has been one of the biggest issues affecting the current beta. “We’re trying our best to make sure the #FFXVComrades Closed Online Test runs as smoothly as possible so keep an eye out for further updates,” the publisher said on Twitter.

The launching date of the Final Fantasy 15 is not yet been decided but the presently closed beta is going to run until 8 August. If people want to take a part in it, so they have to purchase a game season pass and they must have an active PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold membership, which would be depending on their platform.

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