Spotify App Is Appear’s to come on Xbox One

At present, the Spotify is available on PS4 but as far as, there is no sign of Spotify app to come on Xbox one. But there is new report is coming and i.e, you will soon be able to use the app on Microsoft’s console. In the beginning of the week, eagle-eyed users observe that Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb is appeared to be testing Spotify on his Xbox One. Previously, they are teased other games and apps by his Xbox account’s activity.

And then, the Verge confirmed that the app is also going to launch for Xbox one, but it is not confirmed or no any official announcement is made yet by Microsoft nor Spotify that this app is coming to Xbox one or not.

There is not yet been clear that how it will work on Xbox One or on PS4 and how will you can stream music in the background while playing games.

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