Nintendo World Championships 2017 is Returning

Nintendo announced today,  that the Nintendo world championship 2017 is coming back and it will be established in the new york city on October 7. It is a third Nintendo championship of 2017, and the games which are included in this like Splatoon and Super Mario Maker. And, on October 7 in the new york city the competition will be held in the Manhattan Center’s Grand Ballroom. Qualifiers will be held at various Best Buy stores in the United States on this month and next, and the challenge is a Mario Kart 7 time trial on the 3DS.
There are 2 age brackets:- one is for the age of 12 and below and 2nd is of 13 and above.

The age of 12 and below will try for their best time on the Luigi’s Mansion stage. They can only play as Mario and they will use the standard kart, standard wheels, and the super glider. The age of 13 and above, they can use Bowser with the standard kart, standard wheels, and the super glider on the Bowser Castle 1 course. And, those people with the highest score in each group from each testing location will advance to the finals.

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