Hello Gmes Release a new big update for No Man’s Sky

Hello games release a new big update for No Man’s Sky. No Man’s Sky has a feature of multiplayer support and more with the 1.3 update installed, and the discount is available on both PC/PS4.

On the PC, the No Man’s Sky prices dropped on the steam, GOG and on the Humble Store. On steam, it is available at the cost of $24/£16, which original cost is $60/£40. This is the cheapest discount ever made on the steam, the GoG does not get you a Steam copy, but the Humble Store does. And, if you are playing on PS4, the PS4 gives the discount on the game for for $24/£10, if you going to prefer a physical copy, then you must be ordered from Amazon in the US at the cost of $23 and in Uk the cost is £14.75 Whether you are picking up No Man’s Sky for the first time or have owned it since release last August, you’ll find a greatly expanded game as of today.

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