This Weekend, What’s Game You Play for Free

This weekend you can take a free trial of For Honor’s and with this Saints Row IV is also here to play free on Steam. The developer ArenaNet also give a chance to players try out the newest expansion for Guild War 2 and there will be no charge for it. it will be released in next month.

Those players who are interested in Saints Row IV can try the game for until 1 PM PT/4 PM ET on Sunday, August 13 and if you want to purchase the game, you can also stop the game at a sharp discount. Now at present Steam gives a heavy discount on all the editions of Saints Row IV. you can take it at the cost of $3.74 and the normal price of its game is $15. Even though the game of the century Edition which includes all of its DLC, runs for $4 and its normal cost is $20.
These offers expire at 10 AM PT/1 PM ET on Monday, August 14.

And, this weekend you also have a chance to preview a Guild War 2 for free. In this, you can experience part of its opening story and “explore the Crystal Oasis map astride the raptor mount.”
And, if you don’t have an account of Guild War 2 then create an account for a free on ArenaNet’s website and play the demo immediately. This free preview ends on August 13. The Guild War 2 full expansion is expected to launch on September 22.

There is also an NBA Live 18 is available for free demo and it is available on PS4 and Xbox one.
This game is going to launch on September 15. Anyone who pre-orders NBA Live 18 can save 33%, dropping its price from $60 to $40.

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