Free Demo for Rayman Legends is out now on Nintendo Switch

The demo is now out on Nintendo Switch,  this demo only exists in the Europe and Australia and today it is open for North American.

And, if we are talking about the game, so the Rayman Legends is a brilliant platformer with tight controls, a beautiful artwork, a soundtrack, and four-player online co-op, it will support local wireless multiplayer between Switch systems in the Kung Foot minigame and it is also included in the demo.

The full game arrives on September 12.

In February, Rayman creator Michel Ancel spoke about the decision to port the game to Switch, explaining that the Switch is an especially good system for Rayman. “Rayman Legends is like a board game,” Ancel said. “It means playing with your friends in the same room, and this console is perfect for that. It’s the concept of the console we’ve been waiting for a long time: An HD console, powerful, portable”.

On the day of launch,  this game will be available for $40.

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