Free Demo for Rayman Legends is out now on Nintendo Switch

The demo is now out on Nintendo Switch,  this demo only exists in the Europe and Australia and today it is open for North American.

And, if we are talking about the game, so the Rayman Legends is a brilliant platformer with tight controls, a beautiful artwork, a soundtrack, and four-player online co-op, it will support local wireless multiplayer between Switch systems in the Kung Foot minigame and it is also included in the demo.

The full game arrives on September 12.

In February, Rayman creator Michel Ancel spoke about the decision to port the game to Switch, explaining that the Switch is an especially good system for Rayman. “Rayman Legends is like a board game,” Ancel said. “It means playing with your friends in the same room, and this console is perfect for that. It’s the concept of the console we’ve been waiting for a long time: An HD console, powerful, portable”.

On the day of launch,  this game will be available for $40.

Nintendo World Championships 2017 is Returning

Nintendo announced today,  that the Nintendo world championship 2017 is coming back and it will be established in the new york city on October 7. It is a third Nintendo championship of 2017, and the games which are included in this like Splatoon and Super Mario Maker. And, on October 7 in the new york city the competition will be held in the Manhattan Center’s Grand Ballroom. Qualifiers will be held at various Best Buy stores in the United States on this month and next, and the challenge is a Mario Kart 7 time trial on the 3DS.
There are 2 age brackets:- one is for the age of 12 and below and 2nd is of 13 and above.

The age of 12 and below will try for their best time on the Luigi’s Mansion stage. They can only play as Mario and they will use the standard kart, standard wheels, and the super glider. The age of 13 and above, they can use Bowser with the standard kart, standard wheels, and the super glider on the Bowser Castle 1 course. And, those people with the highest score in each group from each testing location will advance to the finals.

Super Mario Odyssey’s Appears To Have Changed In Game Box Art

After the officially revealed the game box art now appears to change and the  Super Mario Odyssey’s box has been tweaked slightly and the Sombrero Mario is replaced with the Snorkeling Mario.

Nintendo slightly changed the Super Mario Odyssey boxart, removing Sombrero Mario for Snorkeling Mario

— Nibel (@Nibellion) August 2, 2017

There is one thing which is really shocking and that is the official website of Nintendo has not changed the box art and because of that, it hard to guess, when and why the change will take place or it stays same.
The Super Mario Odyssey is released for the switch on 27 October. In this game, the local multiplayer is included where the one player controls Mario’s hat.

We will give you all the info about this game, just keep in touch with us, and regular check all the updates about the game on our site.
I hope you enjoy this game while released.

New version of the Minecraft for PS4 is Unsure

The new version of the Minecraft for Xbox one, window 10 and for Nintendo switch are still unsure for PS4. And the company says that “we are thrilled to be able to confirm the new version of Minecraft is coming to Nintendo Switch”. And the Sony is not going to allow cross-play with the other versions of Minecraft.
But, the decision with the Sony for PS4 is now ongoing, and as the conversation ongoing there is some little hope to get a game on PS4. The developer Mojang said in a blog post. “We would love to work with Sony to bring players on PlayStation 4 into this ecosystem as well.”

There is some own reason of Sony, why they say no to this.
Minecraft old console version will be removed from sale when the new and latest edition takes place in Xbox one and Switch.
And if you previously own Minecraft for PS4 or for any another console, you can continue to play it and its associated mini-games. And, the question, why Sony is not allowing the cross play with other consoles on that Sony’s Jim Ryan suggests that the Sony is only concerned about what could go wrong when allowing its own players, some of which could be children, to connect to a network outside of its own.

Capcom Is Now Going To Make More Nintendo Switch Game

After the success of ultra street fighter II as per expectation, Capcom is now going to make more Nintendo switch game and the Japanese says that they are now going to prepare the more versions of switch games.

And, the game informer (Takashi Mochizuki) says that there are 450000 copies of ultra street fighter II are sold out.

   Capcom: 450K is 1Q figure for Ultra Street Fighter II, above its expectation. Also  “starting to prepare” multiple Switch-version titles.

 — Takashi Mochizuki (@mochi_wsj) July 28, 2017

As the Capcom earning report last week, the publisher said that for the switch-the ultra street fighter II was a “smash hit”. The company did not reveal what was the sales projection for the game but it is definitely that, the expectation for the switch titles from Capcom in future is much higher.

For the switch, the ultra street fighter II was launched in May. An update version of the original street fighter II,  its add several new modes, update graphics and 2 new characters, and their names are Evil Ryu and Violent Ken. And now player are able to change the costumes of the characters.

The ultra street fighter II is a 2D sprite-based game.

More Nintendo Switch games

In Japan, Just In Three Days “Splatoon 2” sold an estimated 670,955+ copies at Japanese retail

It is a good news for the Splantoon 2 that, in Japan, just in three days Splatoon 2 sold an estimated 670,955 copies at Japanese retail.
Generally, in Japan, the Pokemon games are sold well in just first few days, approx millions of copies sold out. That’s at the extreme end of the spectrum, and generally speaking, successful home console games, however, tend to sell less than that in Japan. While the Switch is both a home console and a portable, it still doesn’t have the huge install base to make sales numbers like that possible.

On 23 July, Nintendo has sold approx 1.2 million switch unit in Japan. and the half of the copies of the switch is of Splantoon 2.

Now, we give you an extra knowledge about games :-
On first 3 days, the game Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild sold the 186,379 copies and it is one of the best selling weeks.
In Japan, Nintendo sold 330,637 Switch consoles in its first week.

“LOST SPHEAR” Release Date Confirm and More Detail Revealed

Square Enix has shared some more details about Lost Sphear, the publisher revealed two new characters who will join the players on their journey.
And, the publisher also revealed the launching date of the game i.e, January 23, 2018.

Lost Sphear is set in a world “threatened by a mysterious phenomenon known as Lost.” When a portion of the world becomes Lost, it vanishes, leaving behind a mist.

The game’s protagonist Kanata has the high power of Memory, and with the help of that, he restores the Lost portions of the world.
And with their childhood friends Locke and Lumina, Kanata, they all are together trying to
save the world from disappearing.


Sherra and Obaro, Sherra is a priestess who wields a bow and can heal the party.

Obaro is an elderly man who had actually become Lost but was restored by Kanata’s power.

Lost Sphear is releasing for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC.
And those players who pre-order the game digitally from the PlayStation Store will receive a “Memories of Moon” theme immediately
And on that, you will get two additional music tracks when the game launches: “Market Town Marpenning” and “Town of Elgarthe.

” Physical copies of the game for Switch and PS4 are available in limited quantities from Square Enix’s online store and retail for $50.

“NSE CLassic Edition” Specification

The NES Classic Edition system is a miniaturized version of the groundbreaking NES, originally released in 1985.

How it works?

It’s is easy to install just plug the NES Classic Edition into your TV, pick up that gray controller, and rediscover the joy of NES games.


  • NES Classic Edition system
  • 30 pre-installed games
  • HDMI cable
  • One NES Classic Controller
  • AC adapter


  • Reset button.
  • Four Suspend Point slots for each game.
  • You can lock your save file and resume at a later time.

Display Modes

  • CRT filter
  • 4:3: 
  • Pixel Perfect

Nintendo Switch Eshop Added 2 More Games

The biggest game the Nintendo switch, Splatoon 2 will be released on July 21.
And, before its release, there are 2 more games is added in.

The first game which is added to it and i.e Boost Beast, it is an action – puzzle game.
It consists 3 style match gameplay, but with the added element of fighting off waves of zombies and its price is $10 / £9.

And, the second game is obligatory ACA Neo Geo.
It is a 1993 fighting game that kicked off the long – running series.
In this, it is distinguished itself from the competitors at the time with a focus on weapon – based combat and a rage system,
And, if there is any damage so, players attack are more powerful and the price is $8/£8.29.

Live Demo Of Splatoon 2

The live demo of Splafest world premiere is in the US at 3 PM PT / 6 PM ET and the same demo is in the UK at 5 PM BST.

And the test fire beta Nintendo held again in March and available at the specific time.
Today, the demo is of 4 hours and it is a chance for a player to participate in Splatoon 2’s.
There must be two teams, and they are opposite to each other.
For earning money, they have to choose their side and have to take part in a turf war.
The player obviously choose their side and create a character in demo,
But they can’t take participate in ” TURF WAR” until the Splatfest kicks off.
There are 4 weapons to try during the event , i.e:
Splatoon 2 going to release on July 21,
Nintendo freshly announced some new features of this game. There are many new features added in the game.