Next Free Titanfall-2 Operation Frontier Shield Gameplay Trailer

The all-new way to play Titanfall 2: Frontier Defense, the PvE horde mode introduced in Operation Frontier Shield! Built for 4 player co-op, you and your team are tasked with protecting the Harvester through multiple waves of coordinated enemies all hellbent on taking it down. 
Build your team, optimize your Titans and adapt your strategies to survive the mayhem with all new weapons, gear, and progression.

E3 Sony Press Conference Timing And How To Watch

Sony press conference timing is announced for E3 2017. And you can watch the event right here in the above-embedded video.

E3 Sony Press Conference Start Time:

  • June 12 at 6 PM 
  • June 12 at 9 PM 
  • June 13 at 2 AM 
  • June 13 at 11 AM 

New play station games are shown by the Sony and many more new games are present by the Sony at this E3 2017. We may also see that Sony is talking about VR and what next is done by the Sony in Virtual reality platform in future. That’s really going to be an interesting live stream.
Sony yet does not provide much information about what is Sony going to show at E3 2017.