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‘Mario’ & ‘The Legend of Zelda’ creator Shigeru Miyamoto awarded one of Japan’s highest honors

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Having pioneered esteemed franchises among which are the likes of “Mario Bros.” and “The Legend of Zelda”, Shigeru Miyamoto has earned Legend status in the video game industry.

As recognition of his hard work, according to Japanese news outlet Nikkei, Miyamoto is being awarded the honor “Person of Cultural Merit” by the Japanese government on November 3. (Recognized nationally as Culture Day in Japan.)

In Japan, this award is the highest honor a person can receive in the creative field. Miyamoto is the first person in the video game industry to receive the honor!

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Shigeru Miyamoto

Miyamoto, 66, was born in the Japanese town of Sonobe, a rural town northwest of Kyoto to parents of “modest means”.

From an early age, his explorations encouraged his efforts towards graduating from Kanazawa Municipal College of Industrial Arts and even inspired later work, like The Legend of Zelda.

Shigeru began his career at Nintendo in 1977.

It could be said he’s responsible for a lot of Nintendo’s success, having created some of the brand’s biggest franchises.

Along with Mario and Zelda, Miyamoto spearheaded Donkey Kong and Star Fox. Each of these franchises spawned many other titles and spinoffs, with more being released as the years go on.

We and many others absolutely agree Shigeru deserves this Award! Let us know if you do too below!

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